Arlene Alda_resize
Arlene Alda

Just Kids from the Bronx

A touching and provocative collection of memories that evoke the history of one of America’s most influential boroughs – the Bronx. The parks, the pickup games, the tough and tender mothers, the place that bred the influencers in just about every field of endeavor: from Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dava Sobel, Dion DiMucci, Al Pacino, Carl Reiner, Colin Powell, Bobby Bonilla, Mary Higgins Clark and many more leading artists, athletes, scientists and entrepreneurs who tell of experiences spanning six decades of Bronx living. “A compelling oral history,” (The Wall Street Journal). “Fabulous!” (Publishers Weekly).

Taylor Antrim_resize
Taylor Antrim


In the very near future, a devastating Ebola-like pandemic has struck the world, but for the 1% in New York City it’s an excuse for even more twisted behavior. Taylor Antrim delivers a thrilling new novel that combines the best of dystopian fiction with a sharp-eyed exploration of class and wealth in the world’s capital. In this fast-paced paranoid, near-future New York City, we meet Catherine, a broke socialite. Desperate, she takes a job with a luxury concierge service that fulfills the most outlandish desires of the ultra-rich—even if that means hunting down the 99%. As the hidden agendas of her employer and his shadowy clients emerge, Catherine realizes things are not remotely as they appear and she finds herself a pawn of mega-corporations and government agents all eager to profit from the cure embedded inside of her. “If Bret Easton Ellis wrote a biothriller.” (Kirkus)



Mark Bailey_resize
Mark Bailey

Of All the Gin Joints: Stumbling Through Hollywood History

As one Amazon reviewer said: “Love them or hate them, the Hollywood bunch sure know how to have fun. Bailey tells of some of the most memorable times: Bogie and his pandas, Sinatra and his toupee, how directors loved to drive their actors crazy and how actors loved driving the studios insane. You can’t help but laugh out loud!”

Jeffrey Banks_resize
Jeffrey Banks & Doria de La Chapelle

The Way You Wear Your Hat

The ultimate celebration of the hat! Renowned milliner Underwood presents a visually stunning and informative look at the transformative value of the hat. She shares her inspirations -from art, cinema, historical periods, and nature. Lavishly illustrated with editorial work from some the world’s greatest photographers, including Avedon, Parkinson and Weber. A must-have for any fashionista!

Louis Begley
Louis Begley
Kate Betts_resize
Kate Betts

My Paris Dream

A charming and insightful memoir about coming of age as a fashion journalist in the 1980s Paris, by the former Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar editor. “In this lighthearted memoir Betts takes readers back in time to when she was a young woman, still searching for her identity, a tribe, or a family of her own choosing, and a place to call home. A delight.” (Kirkus) “What an entertaining read this is!” (Elizabeth Berg)

Kate Bolick_resize
Kate Bolick

Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own

“Whom to marry, and when it will happen” – these two questions define every woman’s existence.” So begins a revelatory and slyly erudite look at the pleasures and possibilities of remaining single. Intellectually substantial and deeply personal, SPINSTER is a bold, original, moving book that will inspire fanatical devotion and ignite debate. “Eloquent, provocative.” (People Magazine), “A triumph!” (Malcolm Gladwell), “Will take your breath away!” (Susan Cain). “A powerful memoir.” (Publishers Weekly starred review).

Christopher Bollen
Christopher Bollen


A gripping novel of culture clash and murder. The small Long Island village of Orient is gripped by a series of mysterious deaths—and one young man, a loner taken in by a local, tries to piece together the crimes before his own time runs out. One summer morning, the body of a local caretaker is found in the open water; the same day, a monstrous animal corpse is found on the beach, presumed a casualty from a nearby research lab. With rumors flying, eyes turn to Mills Chevern — a tumbleweed orphan newly arrived in town from the west with no ties and a hazy history. As the deaths continue and fear in town escalates, Mills joins with Beth, an Orient native in retreat from Manhattan, to help uncover the truth. With the clock ticking, they struggle to find answers, faced with a killer they may not be able to outsmart. Bollen “weaves a mesmerizing fictional web of characters and mysteries into a story that is as viscerally thrilling as it is intellectually precise.” (BookPage) Rich with character and incident, yet deeply suspenseful, ORIENT marks the emergence of a novelist of enormous talent.

David Browne_resize
David Browne

So Many Roads: The Life and Times of the Grateful Dead

As one Amazon reviewer said: “With the Grateful Dead celebrating their 50th Anniversary (!) this year, there are many books being published. But instead of a standard history of the bank Browne wisely takes several moments of the band’s storied career and digs deep. Fans will actually learn something from this book: here are the facts, culled from first hand accounts from the many people behind the GD scene from the earliest days right through to today.” Deeply reported and well told!

Ed Burns_resize
Ed Burns

Independent Ed: Inside a Career of Big Dreams, Little Movies, and the Twelve Best Days of My Life

A wholly entertaining memoir by one of the most prominent practitioners of independent filmmaking, the acclaimed writer, director, and actor (Saving Private Ryan, Friends with Kids, Entourage) whose first film, The Brothers McMullen, has become a classic. A must-read for movie fans, film students, and everyone who loves a gripping tale about what it takes to forge your own path in work and life.



Regina Calcaterra_resize
Regina Calcaterra

Etched in Sand

Regina’s Calcaterra’s memoir, Etched in Sand, is an inspiring and triumphant coming-of-age story of tenacity and hope. Today Calcaterra is a successful lawyer, New York State official, and activist. Her painful early life, however, was quite different. Regina and her four siblings survived an abusive and painful childhood only to find themselves faced with the challenges of the foster-care system and intermittent homelessness in the shadows of Manhattan and the Hamptons. A true-life rags-to-riches story, Etched in Sand chronicles Regina’s rising above her past, while fighting to keep her brother and three sisters together through it all. Beautifully written, with heartbreaking honesty. “Riveting reading from start to finish.” (Kirkus)

Robert Caro_resize
Robert A. Caro

Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Vol. IV

Winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, Caro has published his 4th book in his magnificent biography of Lyndon Johnson. Hailed by President Bill Clinton as brilliant, important and remarkable, who added “with this fascinating and meticulous account, Robert Caro has once again done America a great service.” Among his many other awards, Caro was also awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama.

Dick Cavett_resize
Dick Cavett

Brief Encounters: Conversations, Magic Moments and Assorted Hijinks

Dick Cavett is back, sharing his reflections and reminiscences about Hollywood legends, American cultural icons, and the absurdities of everyday life. To spend a few minutes, or an hour, or even a whole evening with Dick Cavett is an experience not to be missed, and now there is no reason to deny yourself. Enjoy the conversation! “A delightful peek!” (Publishers Weekly)

Tom Clavin_resize
Tom Clavin

Reckless: The Racehorse Who Became a Marine Corps Hero

From the racetracks of Seoul to the battlegrounds of the Korean War, Reckless was a horse whose strength, tenacity, and relentless spirit made her a hero amongst a regiment of U. S. Marines fighting for their lives on the front lines. Fearless under fire, her drive and determination inspired the men she served. A powerful tale of courage, survival, and even love in the face of overwhelming odds. “Amazing, wonderful, and inspiring!” (Nelson DeMille)



Lama Surya Das_resize
Lama Surya Das

Make Me One With Everything

In this book, Lama Surya Das walks with the reader through life’s experiences while imparting ancient wisdom through the voice of a familiar friend. He breaks down pieces of ancient, precious Buddhist teachings and translates them so that they are relevant to today’s fast-paced society. A book to help you in your life and inspire you toward a blessed spiritual path. Lama Surya Das is one of the most learned lamas in the
Tibetan Dzogchen tradition, author of numerous books, including Awakening the Buddha Within.

Bill Dedman_resize
Bill Dedman

Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune

When Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bill Dedman noticed in 2009 a grand house for sale, unoccupied for nearly sixty years, he stumbled through a portal into American history. His tale of wealth and loss, and a reclusive, thoroughly eccentric heiress who chose to live for decades in a hospital room rather than in any of her palatial homes, is both astonishing and enthralling. “A dazzlement and a wonder.”
(Pat Conroy) “One of those incredible stories that you didn’t even know existed.” (Jon Stewart)

Nelson DeMille_resize
Nelson DeMille


Prescient and chilling. DeMille’s new novel takes us into the heart of a new Cold War with a clock-ticking plot that has Manhattan in its crosshairs. After a showdown with the notorious Yemeni terrorist known as The Panther, John Corey has left the Anti-Terrorist Task Force and returned home to New York City, taking a job with the Diplomatic Surveillance Group. Although Corey’s new assignment with the DSG – surveilling Russian diplomats working at the U.N. Mission – is thought to be “a quiet end,” he is more than happy to be out from under the thumb of the FBI and free from the bureaucracy of office life. But Corey realizes something the U.S. government doesn’t: The all-too-real threat of a newly resurgent Russia. Another “cannot put down” page-turner from the master.

Carlo DeVito_resize
Carlo DeVito
Gioia Diliberto_resize
Gioia Diliberto

Diane von Furstenberg: A Life Unwrapped

A sweeping biography of one of the most influential legends of late twentieth-century fashion. The daughter of a Holocaust survivor and wife of an Austrian nobleman, von Furstenberg has had an extraordinary life, from her post WWII childhood in Belgium, through her rise to the top of the fashion world, to her failures both professional and personal, and her remarkable comeback in the nineties. She is a woman of our times: a model of self-sufficiency, sensuality, and confidence.

Simon Doonan_resize
Simon Doonan

THE ASYLUM: A Collage of Couture Reminiscences…and Hysteria

With his gimlet eye for the absurd and a love for eccentricity, Simon Doonan’s personal and professional stories never fail to entertain. He firmly believes that his peers in the multibillion-dollar fashion industry are totally nutty. And in The Asylum, his unabashedly hilarious collection of autobiographical essays, Doonan, the creative ambassador for Barneys New York, tells the real-life stories of glamorous madness and stylish insanity. “The David Sedaris of the style universe.” (The Boston Globe), “Hilarious!” (People)

robert drury
Robert F.X. Drury


Drury, the award-winning journalist and bestselling author, has reported from numerous war zones and has witnessed first-hand the destruction war brings to our soldiers. A “streetwise” tough guy. Then he was introduced to the nonprofit paws4people which trains therapy dogs to work with wounded vets and with children with disabilities. This is vivid story-telling with insights into canine wisdom, history, and science, and moving tales of transformation. A story of miracles. “A great story.” (Kirkus)

Eileen Duffy
Eileen M. Duffy


Long Island has been a leader in winemaking since 1975. With highly acclaimed wines garnering rave reviews from Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and many other publications, Long Island wines have been celebrated around the country and across the Atlantic ocean. Here, Edible East End editor Eileen M. Duffy profiles winemakers and wineries that have received this high acclaim, and shares their stories. Profiling owners, winemakers, and personalities from around the country and the world, Behind the Bottle is a fun and intriguing look at the people who have made Long Island into one of the hottest wine regions in the country.

Timothy D.  Dwyer_resize
Timothy D. Dwyer

Hissing Cousins: The Untold Story of Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Roosevelt Longworth

The lively and provocative double biography of first cousins Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Roosevelt Longworth, two extraordinary women whose tangled lives provide a sweeping look at the twentieth century. Their politics and temperaments could not have been more distinct: Do-gooder Eleanor and acid-tongued Alice. Vivid, intimate, and stylishly written. “Ripping but poignant.” (TIME) “Clever, absorbing and hard to put down.” (The Washington Post). Peyser and Dwyer have each had stunning careers in journalism, including for Newsweek, New York Times, Time, The Atlantic, and the Washingtonian.



Florence Fabricant
Florence Fabricant
Wendy W. Fairey_resize
Wendy W. Fairey

Bookmarked: Reading My Way from Hollywood to Brooklyn

Books are life-long companions in this elegant memoir. As the shy, studious daughter of famed Hollywood columnist Sheila Graham, Fairey began as a child reading her way through the library F. Scott Fitzgerald had assembled for her mother. Faire escaped into the landscape of classic English novels. What did David Copperfield mean to her when she first encountered him? And what of Becky Sharpe or Isabel Archer? A sharp-eyed and deeply learned study of the novels and characters that helped shape her amazing life: the young girl in Hollywood who went on to become a university professor, a wife, mother, grandmother – and writer. “An inspiration for those of us who cannot live without books.” John S. Major



Elena Gorokhova_resize
Elena Gorokhova

Russian Tattoo

Elena Gorokhova moved to the United States in her twenties, to join her American husband and equally to escape her mother, a woman as overbearing and protective as their mother-land. But her mother came to join this new American family as their first child was born – and she stayed for twenty-four years. And in her mind, she had never left Leningrad. Elena tells the story of the three generations of strong women with very different cultural values, each battling for control. “With a magical command of language, Elena Gorokhova has painted images on my brain I won’t forget.” (Alan Alda) Delightful, hilarious, brilliant….



Betty Halbreich_resize
Betty Halbreich

I’ll Drink to That: A Life in Style, with a Twist

Betty Halbreich, the daughter of well-to-do German Jewish parents in 1930s Chicago, grew up pampered and lonely. She married a dashing man, moved to New York, raised children, divorced and hit bottom. Then she was offered a lifeline: a job at Bergdorf Goodman, where she soon became the head of the store’s first personal shopping service, where she was never afraid to tell her clients the truth. The elegant, hardworking and delightfully funny Halbreich entertains on every page. And Lena Dunham is developing the television series!

Alice Harris_resize
Alice Harris

Blow Me a Kiss

An icon of untold pleasures, crimson red lips are synonymous with style, sex, and scandal. Whether pursed or provocatively parted, lips have undeniable visual power, while lipstick remains a timeless symbol of glamour. Here is a dazzling look at our fascination with lips and the myriad ways they’ve been depicted in paintings, film and photography. From Marlene Dietrich, to Tina Turner, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Lindsey Lohan and more. A compelling chronicle of modern visual culture.

Tim Hayes_resize
Tim Hayes

Riding Home: The Power of Horses to Heal

Animals can help us heal, and in this extraordinary book Tim Hayes focuses on horses and why they have the special ability to emotionally transform the lives of thousands. The book provides riveting examples of how Equine Therapy has become one of today’s most effective methods of healing – a troubled teenager, a war veteran with PTSD, anyone in emotional pain or who has lost their way. A horse can be one’s greatest teacher.

Chris Hill_resize
Amb. Christopher R. Hill

Outpost: Life on the Frontlines of American Diplomacy: A Memoir

Christopher Hill, in a career of service to the country, was sent to some of the most dangerous outposts of American diplomacy. From the wars in the Balkans to the brutality of North Korea to the endless war in Iraq, this is the real life of an American diplomat. Hill’s account is an adventure story of danger, loss of comrades, high stakes negotiations and imperfect options. There are portraits of war criminals, presidents and vice-presidents, and Secretaries of State and of Defense. The is the blunt truth about the bureaucratic warfare in DC and the difficult game of diplomacy. Even with all this, Hill’s book is “lively, entertaining and even laugh-out-loud funny.” (The Washington Post)



Tracey Jackson_resize
Tracey Jackson & Paul Williams

Gratitude and Trust: Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

Paul Williams is an alcoholic. Tracey Jackson is not. But together these two close friends have written a book designed to apply the principles of the recovery movement to the countless people who are not addicts but nevertheless need effective help with their difficulties and pain. Whether you’re tethered to your phone or you turn to food for comfort, the first step toward feeling better about yourself and your life is the realization that you are what’s standing in your way. This new, positive program is based on a half-dozen affirmations that can help conquer your vices. An essential, inspirational and uplifting guide.



Phil Keith_resize
Phil Keith

Stay the Rising Sun: The True Story of USS Lexington, Her Valiant Crew, and Changing the Course of World War II

The extraordinary story of Lady Lex and her role in history. In May 1942, in the Coral Sea, the United States’ first naval victory against the Japanese was marred by the loss of the aircraft carrier USS Lexington. A remarkable 90% of the crew made it off the burning decks but the ship was lost. Lexington’s legacy did not end with her demise, however – the battle turned out to be a strategic loss: for the first time in the war, a Japanese invasion force was forced to retreat. There is hardly a WWII battle story more compelling. “A terrific read, exceptional, from a master storyteller.”

Phil Klay_resize
Phil Klay


Winner of the National Book Award for Fiction. Selected as one of the best books of the year by The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, The Washington Post, Amazon and more.

Across nations and continents, Klay sets in devastating relief the two worlds a soldier inhabits: one of extremes and one of loss. He takes readers to the frontlines of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, asking us to understand what happened there, and what happened to the soldiers who returned: characters who struggle to make meaning out of chaos.

REDEPLOYMENT is poised to become a classic and marks Phil Klay as one of the most talented new voices of his generation. “An exciting new voice.” (Booklist)

Christina Baker Kline
Christina Baker Kline


#1 New York Times Bestseller

Between 1854 and 1929, so-called orphan trains ran regularly from the cities of the East Coast to the farmlands of the Midwest, carrying thousands of abandoned children whose fates would be determined by pure luck. As a young Irish immigrant, Vivian Daly was one such child, sent by rail from New York City to an uncertain future a world away. Returning east later in life, Vivian leads a quiet, peaceful existence on the coast of Maine, the memories of her upbringing a hazy blur. But in her attic, hidden in trunks, are vestiges of a turbulent past.

Seventeen-year-old Molly Ayer knows that a community-service position helping an elderly widow clean out her attic is the only thing keeping her out of juvenile hall. But as Molly helps Vivian sort through her keepsakes and possessions, she discovers that she and Vivian aren’t as different as they appear. Molly too has unanswered questions about the past. Moving between contemporary Maine and Depression-era Minnesota, Orphan Train is a powerful tale of upheaval and resilience, second chances, and unexpected friendship.

Susan Konig_resize
Susan Konig

Teenagers & Toddlers Are Trying to Kill Me!: Based on a true story

Susan Konig explores the funny side of motherhood while raising a toddler, two teenagers and one more somewhere in between. From the terrible twos to puberty pangs, the kids will be fine — but can the parents survive? The third hilarious book in Konig’s motherhood trilogy. “Surviving parenthood is never so funny as when Susan Konig tells tales of the joyful chaos that is life with her four children.” Konig has been published in Ladies’ Home Journal, Travel & Leisure, First for Women and Parade, and she and her husband cohosted a series on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Jesse Kornbluth_resize
Jesse Kornbluth

Married Sex: A Love Story (A Novel)

An entertaining, short, sexy book starring a well-married couple who decide to experiment. But the twist the reader expects is not what happens. Instead the unexpected happens, which is a lot more fun. Kornbluth, who really knows how to tell a story, is also the author of Head Butler and The Other Guy Blinked.



Stewart F. Lane_resize
Stewart F. Lane

Black Broadway: African Americans on the Great White Way

The African-American actors and actresses whose names have shone brightly on Broadway marquees earned their place in history not only through hard work and talent but also because of the legacy left by those who came before them. From the Civil War to the Jazz Age to the great actors and productions of today, Black Broadway offers a story worth telling. Filled with stunning black-and-white and color photos and illustrations, this unique, must-own book, written by a six-time Tony Award- winning Broadway producer, will delight every Broadway theater lover. “Wonderful!” (Publishers Weekly)

RobynLea_resize 2
Robyn Lea

Dinner with Jackson Pollack: Recipes, Art and Nature

Did you know that Jackson Pollack was an extraordinary gardener, baker, and dinner-party host? Here are the starters, entrees, side dishes, breads, and desserts he shared with his many friends in Springs, interspersed with Jackson’s masterworks, still-lifes of the Pollock-Krasner home and delightful tales from friends. A truly unique and insightful portrait of a great American artist. Author Robyn Lea is an internationally important photographer, director and writer.

Jeffrey A. Lieberman_resize
Jeffrey A. Lieberman

Shrinks: The Untold Story of Psychiatry

The fascinating story of psychiatry’s origins, demise, and redemption, by the former President of the American Psychiatric Association. In eye-opening fashion, Dr. Lieberman traces the field of psychiatry from its birth as a mystic pseudo-science through its adolescence as a cult of “shrinks” to its late blooming maturity as a science-driven profession that saves lives. Gripping and illuminating. “A sometimes scathing but ultimately upbeat account of the history of psychiatry.” (Natalie Angier, New York Times).

Emily Liebert_resize
Emily Liebert

Those Secrets We Keep

No secret can be kept forever. In this wonderful new novel from the author of You Knew Me When and When We Fall, three women, with three lives, have three secrets. You will be turning the pages long past bedtime! Liebert is a welcome addition to the world of women’s fiction.



Thomas Maier_resize
Thomas Maier

When Lions Roar: The Churchills and the Kennedys

Acclaimed biographer Thomas Maier has written the first comprehensive history of the deeply entwined personal and public lives of the Churchills and the Kennedys and what their “special relationship” meant for Great Britain and the United States. From London to America, these two powerful families shared an ever-widening circle of friends, lovers, and political associates — soon shattered by WWII, spying, sexual infidelity and the tragic deaths of JFK’s sister, Kathleen, and brother Joe. “Maier delivers the goods….Riveting reading from start to finish.” (The Washington Post)

Gabriella Maj_resize
Gabriela Maj

Almond Garden

Over the course of four years, Polish Canadian photographer Maj traveled across Afghanistan collecting portraits and stories from inside the country’s numerous women’s prisons. The resulting book pays homage to these women and explores the corruption and abuse that permeate the Afghani prison system. Maj is a graduate of Parsons School of Design (New School University) and received a Master’s Degree in Anthropology from Columbia University.

Fern Mallis_resize
Fern Mallis

Fashion Lives, Fashion Icons

Fern Mallis first presented the conversations in this book at the 92nd Street Y, in Manhattan. Luckily for us, they now appear in this intriguing new book, which fully recaps the careers and milestones of the most famous fashion influencers of our time – including Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Tom Ford and more. “Everything you wanted to know about fashion but were afraid to ask.” (W) Fern Mallis has been an industry game changer in the fashion and design world for more than 30 years.

Susannah Marren_resize
Susannah Marren

Between the Tides: A Novel

The mysteries of love and how, under its influence, we become better versions of ourselves. The wife of a surgeon, mother of 4, moves to the suburbs for her husband’s new job. And she survives it all so well – until what looks like a friendship is quickly supplanted by a betrayal with earth-shattering impact. An engrossing, commanding debut from a tremendous new talent. Page-turning.

Wednesday Martin
Wednesday Martin


Few new books are the cause of great debate such as Wednesday Martin Ph.D. has received for PRIMATES OF PARK AVENUE. After marrying a man from the Upper East Side and moving to the neighborhood, Martin struggled to fit in. Like an urban Dian Fossey, Martin decodes the primate social behaviors of Upper East Side mothers in a brilliantly original and witty memoir about her adventures assimilating into that most secretive and elite tribe. She analyzed tribal migration patterns; display rituals; physical adornment, mutilation, and mating practices; extra-pair copulation; and more. Her conclusions are smart, thought-provoking, and hilariously unexpected. Intelligent, funny and heartfelt.

Judith Miller
Judith Miller


Pulitzer Prize-winning star reporter for the New York Times, the world’s most powerful newspaper; foreign correspondent in some of the most dangerous fields; longest jailed correspondent for protecting her sources, Judith Miller is highly respected and controversial. In this memoir, she turns her reporting skills on herself with the intensity of her professional vocation as she focuses in on her reporting which marshaled evidence that led America to invade Iraq. The Story describes the real life of a foreign and investigative reporter. It is an adventure story, told with bluntness and wryness. “A memoir of high-stakes journalism . . . especially revealing about why she decided to go to prison for contempt of court rather than reveal a confidential source related to the outing of Valerie Plame.” (Kirkus Reviews)

Bob Morris_resize
Bob Morris

Bobby Wonderful: An Imperfect Son Buries His Parents

Nancy Moses_resize
Nancy Moses

Stolen, Smuggled, Sold: The Hunt for Cultural Treasures

Seven vivid, true stories in which the reader joins the author as she uncovers a cultural treasure and follows its often convoluted trail. With a colorful cast of characters, academics, Nazis, lawyers, art dealers, and especially unstoppable investigative reporters and dedicated Federal agents, the stories include uncovering Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, the typeset manuscript of Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth, and the theft of 4800 historical audio discs from the National Archives. Fascinating stories of illicit trade in cultural icons generating as much as $8billion a year! A true detective story!

Charlotte Moss_resize
Charlotte Moss

Garden Inspirations

Celebrated interior designer and renowned tastemaker Moss turns her eye to the garden as a resource for interiors, entertaining, and good living. Her greatest muse is her garden, which provides inspiration every day – bringing the garden into her home and the delights of entertaining into her garden. A lush book with not only visions of her own garden but also of other magnificent gardens around the world, public and private. An extensive resource guide of notable gardens to visit is also included.

Marc Murphy_resize
Marc Murphy

Season With Authority: Confident Home Cooking

Executive chef, restaurateur and television food personality, Marc Murphy”s recipes run the gamut from artifacts from his family’s history (he was born in Milan and had lived Paris, Rose, Genoa and Washington DC before the age of 12) to some of the greatest hits from his restaurants: Landmarc, Ditch Plains, and Kingside. Each recipe will nourish and inspire you. More importantly, they will teach you that whatever you do in the kitchen, always cook with confidence and never be afraid to Season with Authority.



Susan Pashman_resize
Susan Pashman

Upper West Side Story

Two women with children the same age, attending the same school in Manhattan, forge a deep friendship. Bettina is white, Viola is black and together they begin a special enrichment program at the school. Their two sons become close friends as well. As events unfold, the two boys go off on a field trip where a horrific event changes all their lives forever. The novel touches on some very difficult topics and is sure to evoke many different emotions in readers, ranging from empathy to sadness to frustration to shock. “Susan Pashman handles a tough and vital subject with unusual daring and sensitivity.” (Hilma Wolitzer)

Allison Pataki_resize
Allison Pataki

The Accidental Empress: A Novel

New York Times bestselling author Pataki follows up on her critically acclaimed debut novel, The Traitor’s Wife, with the little-known love story of “Sisi”, the Austro-Hungarian Empress and captivating wife of Emperor Franz Joseph. With Pataki’s rich period detail and cast of bewitching characters, this new novel offered a captivating glimpse into one of history’s most intriguing royal families.

Tony Prohaska_resize
Tony Prohaska

The White Fence: Icons and Legends in a Small Town: Recollections of Eastern Long Island before it became “The Hamptons.”

In East Hampton, NY, during the mid-Twentieth century, Prohaska spends hours of his childhood sitting on his family’s white fence and observing the diverse community around him. While his creative parents are working he finds his place in the alternate world of the local fisherman, farmers, and tradesmen. Of course there are famous artists here but most of the folks are unsung heroes and Prohaska brings their oral histories to life. This is a touching and vivid story of the East End, its effect on the world at large, and its shaping of a thoughtful, observant boy. Prohaska directed The History Project Inc. from 1997 to 2004, during which time he conducted interviews with East Hampton’s older residents; the transcripts are housed in the Long Island Collection at the East Hampton Library.



Dan Rattiner_resize
Dan Rattiner

In the Hamptons 4ever: Mostly True Tales from the East End

Award-winning writer, publisher, cartoonist, cartographer, and raconteur, Dan Rattier is the proprietor of Dans’s Papers where he has chronicled the fables and foibles of the Hamptons for more than 40 years. Here are more of his (mostly true) tales as only he can tell them! The reader will definitely laugh out loud!

E. M. Rose_resize
E. M. Rose

The Murder of William of Norwich: The Origins of the Blood Libel in Medieval Europe

Historian Rose’s book on the murder of William of Norwich “is a breathtaking work of revision that addresses one of the central questions in the history of Christian/Jewish relations in the Middle Ages, a topic of enormous relevance in the contemporary world… The book is a brilliant piece of historical investigation and a marvelous read as well.” Gabrielle Spiegel, Professor of History, Johns Hopkins University. “A fine book.” Alan Dershowitz

Daniel Rose
Daniel Rose


Five decades of the best speeches of Daniel Rose, Chairman of Rose Associates. Winner of a number of national Cicero Speech awards, he has spoken at universities throughout the U.S., Europe and Africa on a
broad variety of topics: economics, inner city education, racial problems, real estate, food & wine, and housing. “Dan Rose’s gifts of analysis and exposition are superb, and I always relish reading him.” Jacques Barzun. “Dan Rose has created a body of work that is philosophy at its most useful how does one live a good life.” Fareed Zakaria



Carl Safina_resize
Carl Safina

Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel

Weaving decades of field observations with exciting new discoveries about the brain, Safina’s landmark book offers an intimate view of animal behavior to challenge the fixed boundary between humans and nonhuman animals. Readers travel to Kenya to witness struggling elephant families work out how to survive poaching and drought, then to Yellowstone to observe wolves sort out the aftermath of one pack’s personal tragedy and then on to the waters of the Pacific Northwest to view the astonishingly peaceful society of killer whales. Wise, passionate, and eye-opening. “Captivating.” (Kirkus in a starred review)

Abigail Santamaria
Abigail Santamaria
Robyn K. Schneider_resize
Robyn K. Schneider

Silent Running: Our Family’s Journey to the Finish Line with Autism

“I came to this book having both a background working with families who travel the journey of Autism every day and as a runner. If your world in any way has been touched by autism, you need to read this book. If you are a runner, you need to read this book. If you care to look into the window that has been opened for us into the very special lives of a very special family, reading this book will touch you deeply and leave you forever changed.” “Powerful”. (Two of the many glowing reviews on Amazon)

Frances Schultz_resize
Frances Schultz

The Bee Cottage Story: How I Made a Muddle of Things and Decorated My Way Back to Happiness

“Schultz, a blogger, author and cable TV host, combines memoir with decorating in this illustrated tale of love and home. The author buys a cottage in East Hampton, planning to live in it with her fiancé. When the relationship ends before the wedding, she turns heartbreak into headboards (woven, from Pottery Barn) and drowns her sorrows in an 11 ft. × 38 ft. lap pool with an installed fountain. In the process, she learns something about herself and her style: “I didn’t even know what help I needed. Help moving forward from a painful decision with hurtful consequences for people I cared about? Help digging out of boxes and getting organized? Help from a handyman? The answer, of course, was all of the above.” Schultz is the epitome of the successful woman who is unlucky in love until she puts her own house in order, which, in her case, means placing a bench from Katharine Hepburn’s estate in her bedroom and painting the guest bedroom with Benjamin Moore Galapagos Turquoise. “The book is lighthearted, self-indulgent, frivolous, and likable—a good beach read, especially in the Hamptons.” (Publishers Weekly)

Bernard L. Schwartz_resize
Bernard Schwartz

Just Say Yes: What I Have Learned About Life, Luck, and the Pursuit of Opportunity

Whether he’s leading a company or leading the call for a better nation, storied New York businessman and philanthropist Bernard Schwartz believes in the power of optimism. From humble beginnings to his dramatic rise to CEO of a major aerospace innovator, the author’s story is a narrative on the importance of character, intelligence, and a lot of good luck. An inspiring example of a life well lived, Schwartz invites readers to look at their own opportunities, their own ideas, and even their fellow Americans, and Just Say Yes.

David Scott_resize
David Scott

Outside the Box: An Interior Designer’s Innovative Approach to Creating Chic and Comfortable Rooms

A behind the scenes look at the inspiration for David Scott’s most impressive interiors, with dazzling images of Scott’s never-before-seen homes by noted photographer Antoine Bootz. Here are eleven stunning projects that seamlessly combine Scott’s adoration for the elegance of antiques with his admiration for the functionality of modernity, all with emphasis on rooms where comfort and chic harmoniously coexist. “I am an artist and this book feeds my soul.” (One of many five star reviews on Amazon)

Mimi Sheraton
Mimi Sheraton


What a fabulous idea! This is THE reference book from the single most knowledgeable person about food on planet Earth! With recipes from around the world, with well-written descriptions and mouth-wearing color art. She also notes where to find the food both in its country of origin and where available in the US. Encyclopedic and un-put-downable! And, as one reviewer has said “an overwhelming achievement.”

lynn sherr
Lynn Sherr


The definitive biography of Sally Ride, America’s first woman in space, with exclusive insights from Ride’s family and partner, by the ABC reporter who covered NASA during its transformation from a test-pilot boys’ club to a more inclusive elite. Sally Ride made history as the first American woman in space. A member of the first astronaut class to include women, she broke through a quarter-century of white male fighter jocks when NASA chose her for the seventh shuttle mission, cracking the celestial ceiling and inspiring several generations of women. This is an intimate and enormously appealing biography of a fascinating woman, a triumph of research and sensitivity that lives up to its subject and will likely move readers to tears in its final, poignant pages.

Andy Siegel
Andy Siegel


Cookie, an angel in stiletto heels, is by far the most popular performer at Jingles Dance Bonanza. To her devoted audience, she’s a friend, therapist, and shoulder to cry on, all rolled into one. While meeting an old pal at the club, Tug doesn’t expect to pick up a new client but quickly realizes the gallant Cookie—dancing in a neck brace, each leg kick potentially her last—is in need of a committed champion.
Righting wrongs is never a simple task for Tug, a sharp-witted and unorthodox trial lawyer who repeatedly finds himself in the middle of unusual cases and causes. But that doesn’t stop him from trying. Siegel, a practicing attorney, has written “a realistic fast-paced novel that is a mystery but the actual crime is not revealed initially. The writing is addictive with pages flying.” (Bestsellers World)

Daniel Simone_resize
Daniel Simone

The Lufthansa Heist: Behind the Six-Million Dollar Cash Haul that Shook the World

The inside story – from the organizer himself – of the largest unrecovered cash haul in history. This full account brings readers behind the heist memorialized in Goodfellas. From Henry Hill himself, who worked with David Simone in writing the book until his death in 2012. Hill entered the Federal Witness Protection Program and assisted the government in building cases against forty-six top Mafia associates. Until his death, he toured the county to lecture high school students not to emulate his past life and career, even though it looked pretty exciting in Wise Guy, the book and film Hill created with Nick Pileggi. This later book is an unprecedented “tell-all” about the robbery with never-before-unveiled details, particulars known only to an insider.



Victoria Tennent_resize
Victoria Tennant

Irina Baronova and the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo

“This book elucidates why Irina Baronova was such an extraordinary person with such an extraordinary talent, By containing such a personal account which only a daughter could provide, as well as an amazing collection of photos many of which have never been seen before, the book brilliantly captures why Irina was one of the most important and talented dancers and personalities in the history of ballet. A great and important book.” (Brian Reichman on Amazon)

Dana Thomas
Dana Thomas


Dana Thomas puts an original spin on the story of two icons of cutting-edge couture in engaging real-life saga. High drama, high fashion, high stakes, and high tragedy – a startling tale of ambition, creativity, fame, and even death. Riveting.



Susan Verde_resize
Susan Verde

You and Me

“This tale of feline friendship opens as a skimmer hat is floating in the breeze. A pondering cat reflects on the past and what led to the lucky day on which two furry friends crossed paths. Listing the countless “what ifs,” the story unfolds to reveal a chance meeting where the charming pair become one. Verde’s rhythmic text complements this heartfelt story and her characteristic illustrations provide a delicate and buoyant representations of the joys of friendship. “…a wonderful introduction to the concept of serendipity and the magic of true friendship.” (Claire Moore, Darien Library) For Pre-S-Gr1

Nick Voulgaris III_resize
Nick Voulgaris III

Hinckley Yachts: An American Icon

Celebrating more than eight-five years of the prestigious yacht company, Hinkley Yachts traverses decades, oceans, and seas, capturing the job, excitement, and serenity of the ultimate boating experience. “Come sail away…Hinkley Yachts, a seafaring history of the classic sailing and motor vessels…” (Wall Street Journal) Nick Voulgaris III is an entrepreneur, writer, and avid sailor, who is passionate about yachts and their restoration.



Michael Weiss_resize
Michael Weiss

ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror

ISIS has shocked the world by conquering massive territories in both Iraq and Syria andy promising to create a vast new Muslim caliphate that observes the strict dictates of Sharia law. In this book American journalist Weiss and Syrian analyst Hassan explain how these violent extremists have evolved from a nearly defeated Iraqi insurgent group into a jihadi army of international volunteers. Where do they come from, why has the movement attracted both local and global support, and where does their financing come from. It is all here. “A superb piece of journalism.” (Nick Cohen, The Spectator UK). “Weiss and Hassan have written the most serious book-length study of the Islamic State so far.” (New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice)



colleen saidman yee
Colleen Saidman Yee


From a rebellious young woman with a dangerous heroin habit to a globe-trotting fashion model to “First Lady of Yoga” (The New York Times), Colleen Saidman Yee tells the remarkable story of how she found herself through the healing power of yoga—and then inspired others to do the same. Approachable, sympathetic, funny, and candid, Saidman Yee shares personal anecdotes along with her compassionate insights and practical instructions for applying yoga to everyday issues and anxieties. “Colleen Saidman Yee is an extraordinary yoga teacher and human being.” (Christine Northrup, M.D.) Saidman Yee teaches retreats, workshops, and conferences around the world, but calls Sag Harbor her home.



Richard Zoglin_resize
Richard Zoglin

Hope: Entertainer of the Century

The first definitive biography of Bob Hope, a song-and-dance man who was also one of the inventors of stand-up comedy. Hope helped redefine the very notion of what it means to be a star: a savvy businessman, an enterprising builder of his own brand and a public-spirited entertainer whose Christmas military tours and unflagging work for charity set the standard for public service in Hollywood. “Revelatory…fascinating” The New York Times

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